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What are hieroglyphs? Is it easy to read hieroglyphs? Do any letters have the same hieroglyphs as other letters ? Where is the most likely place you would find them?   Hieroglyphs are like letters but in pictures they were used in tombs to help the pharaoh to get to the afterlife or to become … Continue reading »

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I personally find the book of the dead truly fascinating.  Did you know The Egyptian Book of the Dead is not a single book and was not written by a single person. It is actually a collection of text written down over centuries. Since the texts were written over hundreds of years, different texts have … Continue reading »

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The Book of Dead

The Book of Dead questions 1.why is it called the book of dead? 2.why was it made 3.when was the book of dead made? it a cursed book? answers 1.because  it guidebook for the dead so they can get to the afterlife was made  to help the kings was made in 50 … Continue reading »

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