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Author Archives: roww2012

The Nile News!

Water boy finds the first step to History!   Yesterday evening, in the world  famous Valley Of The Kings, the greatest discovery was made. Howard Carter, with the help of a water boy, has found 12 steps leading to a tomb. If there were treasures in that tomb, they could change history for ever, and … Continue reading »

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The Gory Guardian

                      Tut in mystery of murder                                           Reported by R.M.W Yesterday, in the small town of Anekatatan,King Tut was found whipped to death in his … Continue reading »

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Monday The 23rd Of November

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My life As A Priest   Tuesday 21st May   Dear Farmers Friend, When I woke up this morning, I rolled out of my cotton sheets and slipped on my old, worn out and dusty sandals – that I use when doing my farm work – and  went to the market to buy some bread … Continue reading »

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The Pyramids Of Giza

                                                          Pyramids of Giza Questions! When was the first pyramid built? How tall was the tallest pyramid? Which part of Egypt are they in? Which pharaoh was … Continue reading »

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