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Author Archives: rowh2012

  23 November 1922   Phew, that`s over.I’m going to be a millionair like lord carnarvon ,well anyway let`s carry on with the story. It was two o’clock in the afternoon when I  and my workers had finally dusted off the last stair and found the plastered door with a rope lock seal, there was … Continue reading »

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Farmers needed!!! Job vacancy!!! Start date: 1500 BCE Are you strong and fierce? Does working in the great outdoors appeal to you? Do you own your own plough,ox and sickle? Are you keen on raw onion,lumpy bread and weak beer for lunch? Do you have young kids willing to act as scarecrows  in the fields!? … Continue reading »

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Scarab Amulets!!!

What do they do? Why do they have these? What are they made from? They are a protection talisman that is worn by the dead and alive.the scarabs  are made from a soft stone called soap stone because if it was any  harder then they could not  carve it. it is used  to put in … Continue reading »

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