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Author Archives: marw2012

The pyramid times

  The Pyramid Times Reporter-Martha Nov 1922 Waterboy Finds  Wonder!  Yesterday evening, in the world famous archeological site of the Valley of the Kings, a great discovery was made.Howard Carter who was a british archaeologist,discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb along with other treasures.This is thought to be the greatest find in the world! The waterboy was … Continue reading »

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  I chose goddess Renenutet. She is the goddess of children. She has human arms and chest. Her head and bottom half is a snake.Her temple is a medident el fayum. Her animal is a snake. Renenutet’s gaze could destroy her enemies and grow live stock and crops. POWER             … Continue reading »

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Monday the 23rd of November

    Today we discovered an extraordinary collection of treasures that we have explored . Me and Lord Carnarvon went into Tut’s antechamber feeling astonished. Under the bed with a lion was a wooden chair Tutankhamun would have used as a child. I could smell the sweet `perfume lifting into the air. The 2nd  bed … Continue reading »

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