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Author Archives: josh2012

Anubis Top Trump

Anubis is the god of embalming and the dead.He is usually shown as a jackal,but he has a human form with a jackal head. He is a very important god because without him the dead wouldn’t make it to the afterlife,well that’s what they believe. His power score is 7/10 His skill score is 5/10 … Continue reading »

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scarab amulets

                                                                             Scarab Amulet Questions                             … Continue reading »

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Howard carter diary

Monday 23rd November 1922,   What a fabulous collection of treasures we have found here today. Lord Carnarvon and I began our 2 week journey across the ocean. We found the tomb of tutankhamun(well the water boy did). An anti-chamber full of glistening gold awaited us at the end of the long corridor. As we … Continue reading »

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Tut Tortured- newspaper report

Tut Times Tut Tortured 20th October 1235BC Reporter-Joe Earlier today, King Tutankhamen was found stabbed to death in his royal chambers!Tut was only 18 when he was exploring Geb and nut’s tomb yesterday afternoon.After a terrible wound from a massive piston,Tut had to retire to his quarters.He was never to be seen alive again! In … Continue reading »

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