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Author Archives: herp2012

How Egyptians passed their time

Egyptians passed their time by hunting hippos which was a very popular sport but I think I would be scared if I lived back then. Imagine being in a wobbly boat and attacking hippos with spears! Another popular thing to do was using special throwing sticks to hunt birds. I think you would have to … Continue reading »

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Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, the penalties for injuring or killing a cat were severe! They worshiped a cat Goddess often represented as half feline, half woman, called Bastet. The main worshiping place was in the north of Egypt. Bastet was such a popular Goddess that there was a massive festival about her … Continue reading »

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When did the Egyptians first use hieroglyphics? What was their ink made of? What was the common hairstyle for boys? What did the Egyptians make clothes out of? Which ways can you read hieroglyphics? What was Hapy the god of? Was it       A. happiness B. predicting the future C. the river Nile’s … Continue reading »

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Have you ever wondered about Egypt’s gods?Well then read on to find out about there role in the world and their associated animals and their temple.You might know some of these gods as well. This first god is called RA. Ra is the most powerful Egyptian god. Also sometimes he was joined by Horus. Most … Continue reading »

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ALL FISHERMAN WANTED(for good reasons)

ALL FISHERMAN WANTED (for good reasons) Fishermen wanted to help our country survive off fish. Are you quick enough to swim away from hippos & crocodiles? Do you know your fish like can you tell carp from your catfish? Are good at tying knots with your hands? Then you are a fisherman and will help … Continue reading »

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Mummification was a very effective way to preserve dead bodies. This mummy,of king Rameses the II, has lasted over 3,200 years. It’s shrivelled and dry, but amazingly well preserved. During the 1800s, it was fashionable to attend ‘unwrapings’ of mummies brought back to Europe by explorers. Egyptians thought that, after you died , your spirit … Continue reading »

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