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Author Archives: chic2012

Entertainers needed!

Do you love big crowds? Can you handle the pressure? You need to be brave to be able to  do acrobats, but if you aren’t that brave maybe music is your style. Musicians play the lute, the harp, the lyre, the flute and the sistrum. If you like acrobats and music and don’t mind wearing … Continue reading »

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top trump Ra

Ra is the god of the sun and lord of all gods. Appearance:Ra had a human body and a falcon head. He also had a sun disk on his head with a cobra round it. It is said that Ra sailed the heavens. Ra was also head of nine gods known jointly as the great … Continue reading »

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The Egyptian Extract

  6th Nov 1922 The tomb-tastic discovery   Yesterday morning , in the world famous archeological site of the Valley of the Kings, a great discovery was made. Howard Carter, who has searched for many years, finally found what he had been looking for, Tutankhamun’s terrific tomb. Water boy, on his short break stumbled across … Continue reading »

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Howard Carter diary

Monday 23rd November 1922 What an outstanding collection of wonders we discovered today. I and lord Carnarvon ventured into the  chamber  of king Tutankhamun. . surrounding us was the smell of perfume filling my nostrils with a sweet,fruity smell.My eyes danced around the room and fixed on three golden beds just waiting to be appreciated. … Continue reading »

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The Book of Dead

The Book of Dead questions 1.why is it called the book of dead? 2.why was it made 3.when was the book of dead made? it a cursed book? answers 1.because  it guidebook for the dead so they can get to the afterlife was made  to help the kings was made in 50 … Continue reading »

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