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The pyramid times

Posted by on July 14, 2017

The Pyramid Times

Reporter-Martha Nov 1922

Waterboy Finds  Wonder! 

Yesterday evening, in the world famous archeological site of the Valley of the Kings, a great discovery was made.Howard Carter who was a british archaeologist,discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb along with other treasures.This is thought to be the greatest find in the world!
The waterboy was on his break, after getting water for the workers. He was flicking a stick he hit something hard so he  uncovered it and found the first step.The waterboy covered it  up and called Howard Carter straight away.Straight away,Carter telegraphed  Lord Carnarvon. They walked down the steps and found a sealed door they put a candle threw a small gap in the door. Howard slowly opened the door shaking with nerves.Both of them went into the antechamber together “what can you see Carter.”
“I can see wonderful treasures.”answered carter with a grin and saw all of the.He took a  picture of every angle in the antechamber to remember what was there and in which places they are in.
Carter saw 2 guards so he knocked the wall down and found the burial chambers were the mummies lay.He went into the treasury room and found a lot of treasures. LC and Howard got some of the treasures and we went up the stairs. There was a lot of jewels and emeralds
A couple of years later Carnarvon had a bad bite and was took to his bed straight away just like king Tutankhamun. After that the tresures were taken to the Clio Mueseum in Egypt.   


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