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Posted by on July 14, 2017
  1. What type of pets did they have?
  2. What was the most important pet?

    Related image

    A Dog that is being lead by an Egyptian.

  3. Who normally got the pets?
  4. How expensive were they?

Pets were super special to Egyptians. They would be the royal family’s prize possessions and would be treated with care. They almost could have anything as a pet. Crocodiles, dogs but the most important were the cats. They had coffins made for them when they died and would have the best food in the land. If they were lucky they could make clothes for them as well. Crocodiles would have a lake for them self if they were treated nicely. There as been many discoveries over the years to show that this is what happened to pets. Now pets are not treated as nicely but still have a good life (:

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