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How Egyptians passed their time

Posted by on July 14, 2017

Egyptians passed their time by hunting hippos which was a very popular sport but I think I would be scared if I lived back then. Imagine being in a wobbly boat and attacking hippos with spears!

Another popular thing to do was using special throwing sticks to hunt birds. I think you would have to have good aim because they would normally fly off if you threw something at them.

Egyptians liked their figs, but they had to compete with baboons for them!

Egyptians loved their beer, but it wasn’t like beer today. It was thick and quite lumpy so to get those bits out they would use a big long straw to suck it up. Fabulous fact: Priests used to give beer and cakes to the poor on feast days.

Egyptians didn’t have any form of money so instead they swapped goods of equal value – this is called bartering.

Egyptians were good salesmen – they would bring back exotic things from different countries like ivory (elephant tusks), ostrich feathers, gold and other precious metals and unusual wood.



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