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Entertainers needed!

Posted by on July 14, 2017

Do you love big crowds? Can you handle the pressure? You need to be brave to be able to  do acrobats, but if you aren’t that brave maybe music is your style. Musicians play the lute, the harp, the lyre, the flute and the sistrum. If you like acrobats and music and don’t mind wearing very little clothing then be a dancer. Dancers were  hired  for many parties as well as religious ceremonies and some dances  involved acrobatic. Musicians sometimes  played double flute, which is playing two flutes at the same time,although sadly this didn’t result in double pay.


Fun facts


Servants at a party were entrusted with the task of placing wax cones sweet-smelling incense on the heads of guests! The cone  would melt during the evening and helped mask the pong of lots of people crammed together at  a party or banquet.if  you get enough bookings you get to show off your in front of happy party goers but may  have to busk in public or do other jobs to make ends meet.
Two musicians play the harp and the lute the ancient egyptian harp was either  triangular or a long curved shape. the lute featured  a small wooden box and long wooden neck. Fitted with two,three or four strings it was  played in a similar way to a  modern guitar.

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