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The final journey

Posted by on June 7, 2017
  1. A scribe in it’s coffin

    What is the final journey?

  2. What happens on this journey?
  3. Is it to do with real life or the after life?
  4. Was it good or bad?

The final journey meant when a coffin was being carried into a tomb. The Egyptians believed that everything in the tomb. Could be used in the after life. So if there was gold, bronze and alabaster and the mummy was wearing a death mask it would show that they are really important such as a pharaoh or scribe in the after life. They would almost be judged on their behaviour. This completion would be called weighing the heart where you took the heart out to weigh it. All the people who didn’t have good behaviour would be sent to the underworld. The underworld was thought to have snakes, crocodiles and the book of the dead would be written on there coffin.

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