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The Egyptian Extract

Posted by on May 25, 2017


6th Nov 1922

The tomb-tastic discovery


Yesterday morning , in the world famous

archeological site of the Valley of the Kings, a great discovery was made. Howard Carter, who has searched for many years, finally found what he had been looking for, Tutankhamun’s terrific tomb. Water boy, on his short break stumbled across  a step, he dug up some dirt until he realised it  lead to Tut’s tomb. Instantly he covered up the step and called for Howard Carter. He would now discover  fabulous jewels and the enchanted tomb of  Tutankhamun.

When Carter got to the discovery, before

doing anything else he called for Lord Carnarvon. While Lord Carnarvon rushed to the scene Carter started digging and found 12 steps.Carnarvon and Carter, just to be sure, used a candle to check for gasses, luckily there were no gasses. After opening the tomb, Carnarvon got ill, no one knows why but there are rumors that there is a curse on     Tut’s tomb. So Carter ventured alone into the excellence

of Tut’s marvelous tomb.

He found many great treasures and jewels like gold, gems and childhood items. Howard Carter exclaimed to the hard working reporters, “What incredible objects which well, sit in the glass cases of the museum!”


the Water boy also told are reporters “I never thought I would be the one to find the tomb.”

The saddest part of this amazing discovery is that Carnarvon would not get to see the sparkling objects in the museum. This discovery will be the the talk of a century and the museum will be packed every second of every single day.”What an amazing collection of mysterious objects that will be in my magical museum!” Exclaimed the head of the museum excitedly.”


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