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Howard Carter’s Diary

Posted by on May 10, 2017

              Monday 23rd  November 1922


Dear diary,

After 5 years we have finally found Tutankhamun’s tomb full of glories precious treasure.


            The Strange Looking Beds

As we entered the after chamber, my eyes raised wide open shimmering with solid gold weired looking beds shaped like different animals like a hippo,cow and a lion. They were so precious i bet king Tutankhamen wouldn’t even let you touch them.


                  The Weird Looking Bags

We heard wood chips on the floor,  like we were gliding through the snow,As we was walking through the floor we found lots of bags scattering around the whole room nearly. I opened one of the bags of excitingness and we discovered there was moldy food it looked gross i would of ate it only if it was fresh food not like that!

            Discovering The Second Room

Tomorrow we are going to discover the second room were Tut’s coffin is this might be gross?




Related image

My Picture of the tomb


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