Quiz two

  1. What did they put the organs in?
  2. Who is the god of crocodiles?
  3. Who is the sun god?
  4. How old was Cleopatra when she died?
  5. What was he main animal they hunted?
  6. What was the most royal pet?
  7. Who was the most important queen?
  8. Who found Tut’s tomb?
  9. Why did they make temples?
  10. How old was Tut when he died?
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Help Wanted



We are looking for help in the beautiful house. As our previous wrapper has fallen ill, we are looking for a part time replacement. Up for the job? Read on.


If you;



  • AREN’T squeamish.
  • Don’t mind blood.
  • Can stand the smell.
  • Wrap a mummy correctly.



Then this is the job for you!


Please come to the beautiful house at noon on friday! Please come and try out! Please!


Any further questions shall be answered at the meeting. If you are unexperienced, please come in at the side and we will teach and test you. Classes are on Monday to Thursday. Don’t miss out.

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How Egyptians passed their time

Egyptians passed their time by hunting hippos which was a very popular sport but I think I would be scared if I lived back then. Imagine being in a wobbly boat and attacking hippos with spears!

Another popular thing to do was using special throwing sticks to hunt birds. I think you would have to have good aim because they would normally fly off if you threw something at them.

Egyptians liked their figs, but they had to compete with baboons for them!

Egyptians loved their beer, but it wasn’t like beer today. It was thick and quite lumpy so to get those bits out they would use a big long straw to suck it up. Fabulous fact: Priests used to give beer and cakes to the poor on feast days.

Egyptians didn’t have any form of money so instead they swapped goods of equal value – this is called bartering.

Egyptians were good salesmen – they would bring back exotic things from different countries like ivory (elephant tusks), ostrich feathers, gold and other precious metals and unusual wood.



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Anceint Egyptian Quiz

  1. What was the type of writing they wrote in?
  2. What is the God of Crocodiles name?
  3. Who stopped all Egyptians from worshiping the gods?
  4. What was the big battle of Egypt and Asia called?
  5. Who was the last leader of Egypt?
  6. Who was the god of all gods?
  7. Who was the dancing god?
  8. Who took over Egypt?
  9. Which Cleopatra was the last Queen?
  10. Are Ancient Egyptians cool?
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  1. What are hieroglyphs?
  2. Is it easy to read hieroglyphs?
  3. Do any letters have the same hieroglyphs as other letters ?
  4. Where is the most likely place you would find them?


  1. Hieroglyphs are like letters but in pictures they were used in tombs to help the pharaoh to get to the afterlife or to become a god
  2. No! in Egyptian times it would have been easier but still not easy as sometimes lots of hieroglyphs represent the same sound.
  3. Yes. B and V do.
  4. In pharos tomb and the likeImage result
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  1. What type of pets did they have?
  2. What was the most important pet?

    Related image

    A Dog that is being lead by an Egyptian.

  3. Who normally got the pets?
  4. How expensive were they?

Pets were super special to Egyptians. They would be the royal family’s prize possessions and would be treated with care. They almost could have anything as a pet. Crocodiles, dogs but the most important were the cats. They had coffins made for them when they died and would have the best food in the land. If they were lucky they could make clothes for them as well. Crocodiles would have a lake for them self if they were treated nicely. There as been many discoveries over the years to show that this is what happened to pets. Now pets are not treated as nicely but still have a good life (:

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Anubis Top Trump

Anubis is the god of embalming and the dead.He is usually shown as a jackal,but he has a human form with a jackal head. He is a very important god because without him the dead wouldn’t make it to the afterlife,well that’s what they believe.

His power score is 7/10

His skill score is 5/10

His weapon score is 3/10

His importance score is 9/10






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The pyramid times


The Pyramid Times


6.th Nov 1922

Waterboy Finds  Wonder! 

Yesterday evening, in the world famous archeological site of the Valley of the Kings, a great discovery was made.Howard Carter who was a british archaeologist,discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb along with other treasures.This is thought to be the greatest find in the world!
The waterboy was on his break, after getting water for the workers. He was flicking a stick he hit something hard so he  uncovered it and found the first step.The waterboy covered it  up and called Howard Carter straight away.Straight away,Carter telegraphed  Lord Carnarvon. They walked down the steps and found a sealed door they put a candle threw a small gap in the door. Howard slowly opened the door shaking with nerves.Both of them went into the antechamber together “what can you see Carter.”
“I can see wonderful treasures.”answered carter with a grin and saw all of the.He took a  picture of every angle in the antechamber to remember what was there and in which places they are in.
Carter saw 2 guards so he knocked the wall down and found the burial chambers were the mummies lay.He went into the treasury room and found a lot of treasures. LC and Howard got some of the treasures and we went up the stairs. There was a lot of jewels and emeralds
A couple of years later Carnarvon had a bad bite and was took to his bed straight away just like king Tutankhamun. After that the tresures were taken to the Clio Mueseum in Egypt.   


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The Tombs Times

                                                                                                                                                                                       6th Nov 1922

What lies beneath Ramses the II?

Reported by I.Parker


A month ago in the valley of the kings, which is a resting place for pharaohs when they die, Howard Carter discovered a sealed tomb belonging to tutankhamun the young pharaoh. The water boy was playing in the sand near Ramses the II’s tomb on  his break when he found some stone and then the journey to the wonders of Tut’s tomb began.

It happened quite by chance after 6 years of excavation the young water boy, who was reported to be just 12 years of age, stumbled across a block of stone. Knowing  exactly what it was he hastily covered it over  running to tell Carter the news. A telegram was sent back to Lord Carnarvon to tell him they had found the tomb he had put his riches into.

It is a well known fact that Lord Carnarvon  is a greedy man and was almost giving up.    When he got the telegram he jumped for joy.Lord Carnarvon had asked for Howard Carter to tell him if he found anything. A clue to tut’s tomb was amazing and Carnarvon was coming over.

Meanwhile, in the hot days of the egyptian deserts, Howard and the team were clearing the rubble away hey soon found after lots of hot sweaty work they finally reached a sealed door.

After 2 days lord Carnarvon arrived  whilst the lord had been travelling Howard had been to the Egyptian government to claim the right to open the tomb. As soon as he arrived on sight Howard showed him to the heavily guarded entrance of the tomb  to tutankhamun’s tomb.

They went through the safety procedures and it appeared safe to enter. In the tomb was gold shimmering in waterfalls all around. A broken chariot, an ebony throne, a gold throne embedded with alabasta shimmering in the torch light to the left of carter there were 2 guards facing each other. Standing in the treasury in this enchanting moment Carter took a minute to thank Carnarvon “How can I thank you enough? You have funded me to find this.”he inquired “we will enter the burial chamber in 5 days.”

Sadly, before those 5 days were up Lord Carnarvon was in his hospital bed. Howard and his team entered the chamber and found the precious  mummy.

Lord Carnavon from an insect bite. Tut had much the same mark in the same place others died from the same fate so Carter covered it over and people stopped dying. This may have been due to a curse.

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Entertainers needed!

Do you love big crowds? Can you handle the pressure? You need to be brave to be able to  do acrobats, but if you aren’t that brave maybe music is your style. Musicians play the lute, the harp, the lyre, the flute and the sistrum. If you like acrobats and music and don’t mind wearing very little clothing then be a dancer. Dancers were  hired  for many parties as well as religious ceremonies and some dances  involved acrobatic. Musicians sometimes  played double flute, which is playing two flutes at the same time,although sadly this didn’t result in double pay.


Fun facts


Servants at a party were entrusted with the task of placing wax cones sweet-smelling incense on the heads of guests! The cone  would melt during the evening and helped mask the pong of lots of people crammed together at  a party or banquet.if  you get enough bookings you get to show off your in front of happy party goers but may  have to busk in public or do other jobs to make ends meet.
Two musicians play the harp and the lute the ancient egyptian harp was either  triangular or a long curved shape. the lute featured  a small wooden box and long wooden neck. Fitted with two,three or four strings it was  played in a similar way to a  modern guitar.

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